About Us

Welcome to Sutherland Custom Builders. A Sutherland Custom building is more than just a building, in fact it's anything but a building. It is quite simply a custom made achievement that one aspires to reside in. A home that evokes a uniquely recognizable quality throughout, laden with detail, and proud to show off its craftsmanship.

"Sutherland Custom Builders has built a reputation of excellence over the years and is seen as one of Chicagoland's leading custom home builders"


Always unique, our homes resonate with attention to detail, the use of innovative, high-quality products and carry a time honored tradition of excellence. We do not believe in cookie-cutter solutions Greg Reckettfor no two clients are exactly alike, so no two projects are exactly the same. Our approach to your project will be made with a clean and fresh perspective that is solely focused on the best solution to your individual needs. Sutherland understands that your wish is to walk into the home of your dreams — in quality, design and luxury, and it is that wish that we ensure to deliver. A fine home builder must serve more than the construction site, they must serve the client. We focus on the needs and wishes of our customers, measuring our success by their satisfaction with the end result. We are personally involved with every phase of construction handling all aspects of the building process, and taking ownership of every detail of your project, allowing us to insure that your dream project becomes a reality. "The key to being a first-class builder is being an exceptional problem solver."   You have to be able to listen to the client, understand what they desire, know what the end result looks like in their mind, and then make that result a reality in the most efficient way possible. This is accomplished through constant communication and support, the hallmarks of a Sutherland project. Part of our responsibility to our clients is to minimize, if not eliminate, the headaches and hassles that naturally come as part of any building project. "At Sutherland Custom Builders, we're passionate perfectionists and our only goal is to consistently exceed our client's expectations."   I am personally involved with every Sutherland project. I work in the same community in which I live and play... this is my home. My personal attention to clients is paramount because we share the same community and I see my clients on a regular basis.   - Greg Rekett