New Home Construction

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SCB takes a “team approach” to building your new custom home, fully investing ourselves in exceeding your expectations. The customer is the most important team member and becomes a part of the construction process by being given a timeline with steps so they know exactly what to expect. Strict deadlines are set and the customer is kept well informed during the entire process ensuring the best communication is maintained.

"Building a great home is the art of pulling together elements of design & materials to create a very special place for our homeowners."


Our clients all start from the same place - a dream. The culmination of countless hours clipping out features and details found in design magazines; taking snapshots of the perfect exterior color they found on a home tucked away on a side street; of watching every possible home show on TV to try to add a little something extra to their inspiration. They all want the same thing, a place to celebrate relationships, and feel the warmth and security that can only be found in a home... their home. George 3

We understand the excitement that comes with such a momentous event like building a custom home, and with every new home we build, we feel that same excitement. This is what keeps us going, our love for what we do, and what we can provide for others. It is this passion we have for building that translates into detail, for every home we build we treat as though we are the ones that will be living in it.