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Sutherland Custom Builders is one of Chicago's premier home remodeling companies, working exclusively on the north shore. 

There are times when a new home is in order, but more often than not an existing home can be incredibly transformed through careful remodeling.


It's unfortunate that the industry has always been infiltrated with sub-standard remodeling companies, those that are simply out to make a fast income, and far too often the client is left with their dreams all but ruined. We have all heard the horror stories of construction gone wrong; over budget, shoddy workmanship, and little to no communication... but that is not how it has to be. Sutherland Custom Homes is ingrained into the communities it serves, committed to providing nothing but excellence no matter what type or size the job may be. If our name is going on it, than it has to meet our exacting standards.

One of the most difficult tasks for a home owner is to envision what could be. They have lived within their walls day in and day out, so much so that they can navigate the entire home in the dark. So how can one see beyond what's there and conceptualize the vast possibilities of how the space can be transformed? This is certainly no easy task, but our extensive background and knowledge of design has enabled us to be masters at delivering a new home within the same house.

Is your family outgrowing your kitchen?

Is your master bathroom the anything but a luxury spa?

Is the lower level of your home commonly referred to as the dungeon? 

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These are only a few of the challenges we are often approached with by our clients. The need to have a room or rooms within a home transformed takes the ability to see beyond the existing walls. One must view the floor plan as a collection of supports, pipes, wires, and ducts, and then know how to rearrange them to achieve the desired layout to live in while still maintaining or enhancing the integrity and fuction of the mechanical components. This goes far beyond visual aesthetics, for a home must provide comfort, convenience, and security in addition to an enhanced appeal. 

Contact Sutherland Custom Builders today to be shown how your home can be transformed like you never imagined.