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Are you looking to remodel your home, but aren’t sure where to start? Are you interested in buying a fixer-upper in a great neighborhood for your family, but don’t have the time for endless DIY projects? Perhaps you’re looking to add on to your home to create some room for your growing family, but don’t have a trusted advisor to consult, design and execute your ideas? Or maybe you’re getting ready to sell and you need to update the kitchen and bathrooms before putting it on the market.

This is where Sutherland Custom Builders can come to the rescue!



Sutherland Custom Builders has been providing high-end design and construction exclusively in the Chicago area with integrity and dedication. As a licensed general contractor, Sutherland Custom Builders has worked on many of the homes you pass and marvel at every day, for owners just like you, providing honest, reliable, and affordable service that meets all your goals and exceeds expectations.

Not just the inside... We often focus solely on updating the inside of a home and leave the outside alone. However, the exterior is just as important to consider. Creating “curb appeal” is real estate language for making a good first impression. We drive out of our driveway every day and forget what we thought about our house the first time we saw it. When you bought your home, you definitely considered its curb appeal, or the potential of it. Giving a home an exterior facelift is an investment worth making. Your return on investment is the promise of increasing your home’s value, less maintenance with rot proof materials, cost saving efficiency, overall increased curb appeal and the enjoyment of your “new” home.

Whether you know exactly how you want to update your home's curb appeal or you're still looking for ideas, you will most likely use pictures of homes on the Internet, pictures of homes in magazines, or pictures of homes in your neighborhood to help you determine the design you desire for your home. At Sutherland Custom Builders we strongly encourage our clients to use pictures to describe their desired new look for their home, because in remodeling, the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" most definitely rings true. While we work closely with our clients to design a remodel that meets their wants, needs and their home's style, words alone never provide the confirmation that a picture can. Having a picture of desired new features, materials, styles and colors, ensures that both client and contractor share the same vision of the final outcome. From here our staff of designers and architects will present you with the remodeled design of your dreams... interior, exterior, or both!